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A Letter Of Apology


For all its worth, I understand I have offended some sense of sensibility of several of our fellow alumni regarding my post pertinent to the Php 5,000.00 annual membership fee.

In this regard, I take full responsibility and sincerely ask for an apology.

Having gotten used to the exchanges we post on those walls, I have grown accustomed to the familiarity trusting that my association with the individuals reading my posts are not alone my co-alumni but equally so – my high school friends and acquaintances. Having this in mind, I guess I have lost guard of the protocol for some level of formality.Rest assured I have fully realized the consequence of my seemingly adventurist advances.

I remain grateful particularly to those who openly reacted and made know their sentiments that despite offended, they still managed to afford me the same level of courtesy and respect I don’t deserve given the circumstances.

If anything, what transpired offered me yet again another opportunity to count the more than hundred-and-one reasons for me to appreciate better and take pride with our Alma Mater having honed the values that our alumni so exemplify.

Thus trusting the same values, I rest confident on the wisdom and sense of reason of the alumni for their consideration.

Again in reiteration, my sincerest apology.




Proponent, Articles of Incorporation


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This is in relation to an earlier article I published titled “OPEN LETTER TO ALL CONCERNED”.

Much as I hate to declare resignation, or more appropriately; disenchantment — of my UNITY-CAMPAIGN, left-over prerogatives restrict good intentions to yield and compromise as to hope instead for the appreciation of independence of respective aims and objectives.

As I have already insinuated in the prior article, I have previously suggested that the way to justify and rationalize all efforts and endeavors relating to the homecoming plans is to make clear of our respective OBJECTIVES.

It is not unlikely that despite our common goal of conducting a reunion, our differences may afford us to qualify an objective distinct to our respective concerns. That while priorities both exclusive and relative to what we respectively aim to achieve, possible conflicting repercussions as may inevitably result (though perhaps unreconcilleable) do I continue to hope as after all worth standing our grounds – and hopefully so, not so much as divisive as to cause us to step on our sense of civility defying respect of choices and preferences.

And cliché as may seem I say nonetheless that best so be it… LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Thus, having so stated my acceptance of – if not to say once more, my resignation on – the status qou, I will nonetheless afford my unity-campaign the opportunity of an honorable end.

“…kung ‘yan ang gusto nimo, eh di suportahan daka.”

At PALANGGANA! Magmaganda man ako to the nth power , may magagawa pa ba ang Lola eh heto kayo pinagtutulakan ako patihulog sa stage bago pa ma-announce sino talaga ligwak sa sami-finals? Really, guys, was it my gown? My wig? My legs?

Gago ka, anong “my face?” (Alam mo ba magkano Tsinsanzu)

Anyways…   this writing is actually a result of an honest conversation with one of the prime movers, or at least one in the inner circle, of Batch ’86. The plans, I was told, was after all a deliberate design. Again, going back to the OBJECTIVE thing; and objective naman pala nila is to make the affair one that is INTIMATE to their batch. The importance of that consideration alone, I believe is more than enough justification for their seemingly “stubborn” exclusivity.

Ironic as it is, I (who initiated the UNITY CAMPAIGN) now calls on the other batches to respect what Batch ’86 has so far planned for their affair. To Batch ’86, I wish you all the success and more power.

Rest assured you have my support in any way I could. (Pero would you let me eh ang hahaba nga ng buhok nyo, Tse!)

Lastly … I just hope that my unsolicited advances has not in any way jeopardized our plans of coming up with a unified AUE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. I hope that our aims and objectives in conducting our reunions distinct and separate from our aims and objectives of creating one legitimate unified association. Sana doon maasahan naman natin ang cooperation ng entire Batch ’86.

Again, I wish you the success… More power!


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Atop bridging two posts in the center of the public market near my place hangs a tarpaulin billboard just a little shy as huuuuuuge as a quarter of a football field which reads:



Batch ’86

The Life of Silver Years

25th Alumni Homecoming

April 30, 2011 @ 5:00 pm

Victoneta Place Clubhouse, Victoneta Park, Malabon City

And they sure don’t just talk about reunions these days; the bold “writings-on-the-wall” can only speak so much of determination. That from a viral  spread of thoughts and talks of the brewing “eye-ball” (as jejemons would articulate) translates the contagion to an epidemic, if not biblical, proportions. Hehehe! And so if Batch ’86 all set as billboards so announces, batches ’85 and ’87 is equally all geared up for the upcoming reunion…


The bold face on the word [HOMEcoming] is deliberate. How can we even talk of going back home if there’s no home to go back to to begin with. But then again inspirational rhetoric will suffice to claim its the memories that bind us, alumni, that will make us feel home. Not the buildings that once stood in Victoneta like ghostly barraks or the classrooms that silently witnessed how we empathized with Consuelo murmuring her words “Vengeance is not mine…” or neither that old canteen that sells yellow paper; nothing else and nothing more.

The classrooms all gone. The buildings no more. School’s been abolished. It’s forever gone like dead. And the institution we all know our Alma Matter simply left no trace.

But US. But you. And most specially… the ever beautiful me. (At kokontra ka pa, si Belza o si Lingat ka ba?)

And indeed reunions ignite some sense of nostalgia. What can be more nostalgic than the sense of longing to be home to a home that isn’t there no more. Perhaps indeed, for always carrying its home behind its back, turtles were created for a purpose. Let us be reminded that like turtles…

Oh, I’m sure you can finish the sentence alright.

In our hearts, let’s carry the memories. Take pride in our Alma Matter…


Hooooy, In fairnessssss! Pag may nagtanong; “Araneta, saan ‘yun?” Pinaka-cute na sagot; dito… dito sa puso ko.” (Sundan mo pero agad ng chaser at baka masabi mo yun ng pangiwi sa taas ng tagay mo.)

Pero usapang hindi nakainom…

Truth of the matter is that some corporate values if not business priorities ushered our school — our Alma Mater — to evolve to a more profitable enterprise way beyond being an academic institution that it once was. (I’m just not so sure if that’s something to celebrate or be grateful about.) Other than us, its graduates, wala syang pinag-iba sa kapitbahay namin pagdating ng bumbay, it simply left no trace.

Hence, I now raise one honest question I hope will merit honest answers; Are we still willing to leave a trace — a footprint —  or a recollection of our abolished Alma Mater as to keep it alive and existing. Perhaps not in reality but at least even just in remembrance and in memory?

This is the rationale behind this proposal. More than the institutions well established and existing, it is us, graduates of AUE — a now abolished university — who should have the determined initiative to have an organized office that will anchor us to our old school way beyond mere remembrance and recollection.

Thus, I hereby propose the creation, organization and establishment of an AUE (Malabon) Alumni Association.

As proposal, let me begin the initiative by inviting you — my fellow Aranetans — to visit and read pages to this site and as importantly so, articulate your stand.

I hope that this suffice at least an inspiration, that we may hope to live the legacy of AUE through us — its alumi.

More power to all our endeavors. And syempre… the best of love life.


Syempre, tanda nyo pa ‘ko…


Epal na Pres. ng Student Body (meron ba? Weeee.)

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